Clean Water, May Be Harder to Find Than you Think

Bottleless water cooler

Bostons Tuft University recently conducted a study with the average bottle filled water cooler. The results they found were both disturbing and shocking. The bacteria counts found in 10 water coolers on campus contained a surprising 4 times the 500 bacteria count limit. With water being an absolute need for every living thing, you may be asking yourself how you can assure your water is clean and health risk free.

Only 3 percent of the worlds water is fresh, and 77 percent of that is frozen, and untouchable at the moment. Luckily with modern day science several filtration techniques are available to us today. These include carbon filtration, ozone and ultraviolet, as well as reverse osmosis. Filtering your water is important, considering we really don’t have much control over where it comes from.

Bottleless water coolers are a great option for ensuring your water is as clean as possible. They typically contain a charcoal water filter. Like many other water filters, however bottleless water coolers have a water line that allows you access to clean water whenever you need. With the cleanliness of our water becoming ever more in jeopardy because of poor filtration processes, and also processes like fracking that release chemicals into our water daily, it is becoming an evermore popular investment.

These bottleless water coolers often come intact with a hot water option as well, this is perfect for coffee, tea, and noodles as well. Allowing our other drinking and eating items to become exponentially safer and more healthy as well. Bottleless water coolers are rather new on the scene, but allow clean water long term, for great prices. There are also competitive prices if your shopping online for items like bottleless water coolers if you shop around a bit.

With our lives becoming as busy as possible these days, and the cost of bottled water being something most of us cannot, or do not want to afford. The botteless water cooler could be a lasting investment for many of us. With both the quality of our food, and water at stake in todays world, these options are definitely something we should keep in mind. Options like bottleless water coolers could save us from potentially risky ailments and side effects to unclean water down the road, and that alone is a reason to invest in one. More like this:

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