Clark Reddick in Waltham MA


Clark Reddick

23 Chamberlain Terrace

Waltham, MA 02453


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The Boston Alphabiotics Center

Clinically proven hands on process instantly unifies and balances energy between brain hemispheres
relieving stress anxiety depression fatigue brain fog back or neck pain migraine, etc. Inquire about your
symptoms and our guarantee.

Did you know that 90 percent of doctor visits are stress related? Over 3000 published studies indicate
stress is the basic cause of ALL disease.

Our clinically proven hands-on process mitigates the stress response by instantly unifying and balancing
energy between brain hemispheres. Energy wasted on the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism is liberated. Your
body uses this energy to confront your particular challenges on a priority basis.

Results reported for stress, anxiety, depression, brain fog, neck, back and disk pain, migraines, chronic
fatigue, auto immune, diabetes, blood pressure, digestive complaints, menopause, relationships, job and
academic performance, athletic strength and balance, anti-aging – ad infinitum.

Alphabiotics offers evidence based cause correction rather than symptom treatment. Inquire about your
health concern and our guarantee. Participation limited to qualified members.

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