Capture Your Next Party in a Photo Booth

Buy a photo booth

The first modern photo booth appeared on Broadway in 1925, and cost 25 cents for 8 photos, produced in 10 minutes. Today’s photo booths are often digital, and allow users to instantly upload their photos to social media accounts.

If you are looking to rent a photo booth for your upcoming wedding, party, or event, there are tons of great places in the California area to rent or buy a photo booth. Photo booth companies will rent a photo booth to you for one flat rate, typically for a few hours. Some photo booth rental companies will also send an assistant with the booth to assist with props or help your guests to get the best pictures that they can.

Most rental companies rent commercially available digital photo booths because they are easier to set up, more cost effective to maintain than their chemical counterparts, and digital imagery provides limitless merchandise opportunities.

Photo booth rental and setup is versatile and flexible allowing for multiple applications including custom backdrops, booth enclosed kiosk, open kiosk and stand alone models, step and repeat and red carpet and velvet ropes just to make a few.

With so many advancements in photo booths, hiring a photo booth company is actually a great way to document your event. Photo booths are capable of taking high quality pictures that look like they came from a high end camera. More and more photo booths are popping up at not only weddings and parties, but corporate branding events. If you are interested photo booths for sale or want to rent a photo booth, there are plenty of companies available.

An online search will yield tons of results for you to choose from, and then it is a matter of narrowing down the companies based on budgets, availability, and proximity to your event.

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