Breast Reduction Recovery – Nutrition Magazine

While every situation is different These are the most important factors.
Itching and pain

After breast reduction surgery there’s a chance of discomfort and swelling. Take care to follow your doctor’s instructions for pain medication. It is important not to use any medications or supplements which could affect blood to clot.

A surgical bra

The surgeon may suggest wearing surgery bras during the initial few weeks following surgery in order to help support your breasts as well as reduce swelling.

Relax and beware of activities

To allow your body heal in the healing process, it’s essential to rest during the first two weeks following your the surgery. Gradually increasing your activity level whenever you feel that you’re able is recommended.

Follow-up Assistance

Your doctor will most likely arrange follow-up appointments to check on your healing and to remove any stitches or drains. The appointments must be scheduled in the manner that is scheduled. The swelling might not completely disappear after the procedure.


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