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Flowers have been around for as long as our memories allow. Flowers are a symbol of youth, beauty, wealth, happiness, well-being, joy and every good thing to us. The flower business is unable to keep going with this massive popularity, and what do they sustain it?

CBS Mornings asked this question earlier this year and gave a glimpse into the business aspect of Valentine’s Day activities. You’ll be amazed at the level of effort and coordination it takes. Naturally morning news segments is only a start. The video is available in the following article and learn more.

Valentine’s Day Flowers: The Delivery and Arrangements
The flowers have to be planted before you begin to design an arrangement. In order to grow all sorts of flowers, it requires a huge infrastructure. Next, the flowers must be sold and picked in the shortest time possible.

After that, the client puts in an order. The florist makes the arrangement and then delivers the arrangement as quickly as is possible. To be quite honest, this all has to be done before the flowers begin showing the signs of aging, which is an enormous challenge. glvy7w4wce.

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