Avoid These Parking Lot Striping Mistakes – Economic Development Jobs


on is keeping that property in good condition. The appearance of your company’s properties will impact how customers see your business. Ideally, all the things that visitors see is cleaned and secured. Parking is an important part.

It’s crucial to take care of parking areas. One of the most common tasks you should not miss is striping parking lots. Numerous business owners engage professionals to do this type of job However, if you’d like to cut costs and save some money, then do it yourself. It is important to be conscious of common mistakes that novices make when taking in this task.

This video will teach you how to perform this job correctly. It is essential to have the proper equipment. It could be as easy as a stretch striping machine and road paint. Also, you must make sure the paint is an excellent viscosity.

Also, you should ensure that your parking space is compliant with local guidelines. If, for instance, you want to create handicap-accessible parking spots, it is best to do this during the striping process.

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