Amazing Advances in Medical Mobile Technolgies

Mobile emr

When you think of the innumerable ways that digital technology has enriched our lives and made so many things so much faster and more convenient, you would be hard-pressed to find an area more important than health care. Sure, the internet, cellphones, smartphones, secure texting, and instant messaging has profoundly impacted our lives in mostly positive ways, but the most recent innovations in medical mobile apps and other mobile health applications has saved lives.

Not to be overly dramatic, but digital technology is most valuable when it enhances life saving efforts for the critically injured or ill. For instance, consider the following scenario. A young working mother of three children is critically injured in a serious auto accident in a rural area 30 minutes from the nearest hospital. Although helicopters have been sent to pick her up, her aorta has been partially severed and time is of the essence.

To further complicate matters, the victim is allergic to umpteen different medication, including penicillin. Even worse, she left her MedicAlert bracelet on the side of the tub this morning. Fortunately, this all of this vital information is stored electronically. Thus, rescue personnel forward the name of the victim to the hospital staff, who in turn access her records via state-of-the-art mobile medical applications.

Once the discover her many allergies, they instantly forward this message to their colleagues who are preparing a gurney for her in the emergency room via text messaging in healthcare. Only seconds later the accident victim is rolled into the ER’s trauma unit, where she can now be treated without exposing her to the further risks of drug allergies.

As you can see, digital technology can improve healthcare in ways that were unimaginable a generation ago. Whether you are talking about mobile health care apps or text messaging in healthcare. mobile medical applications have already changed medical care for the better. Helpful sites:

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