10 Ways Bugs and Rodents Can Damage Your Roof – Bug and Rodent Control Newsletter

Our shingles survived the first squirrel attack.

Squirrels can chew through roof shingles, making your roof vulnerable to damage from moisture when it rains or snows. They can also nest in the attic area and begin to reproduce if they cause damage to roof shingles. Undetected, they can cause damage to insulation or objects stored in the attic.

Squirt damage can be detected and treated local roofers. Roofers in the local area can identify damage caused by squirrels in attics. They may also be able in preventing sparks from burning electrical cables.

A damaged gutter can allow squirrels into homes. If these issues aren’t addressed quickly, the damage to the downspout could lead to a full-blown infestation. Affected fascia boards, eaves troughs, and wood beams can be a sign of problems with the roofline that are caused by squirrel infestation.

3. Roof Rats may burrow in your attic

Rats from the roof can cause damage to roofing and attics. Roofs that are infested with roof rats is always in need of roof repair. They’re skilled climbers and are adept at and can be found nesting inside walls, trees and attics. They also like burrowing into the smallest of spaces underneath sidewalks, concrete slabs or even tree roots. However, this is only possible in hot and dry environments. Through utility lines, they may gain access to roofs and attics.

To deter roof rats from entering homes via roofs make sure you trim and hold the vines away from the roofing and siding. You can also deter them through regular inspections, and quick repairs to holes and cracks that are present in vents, roof, pipes and wiring.

Roof rats are identified by droppings or noises coming from the attic and walls. Roof rats may have been waiting to get into your house by causing cracks to the walls of your exterior or foundations. To stay safe from potential risks from the urine and droppings of roof rats, keep your home clean and tidy.

4. Mice can Nest in your Guts

Your roof’s roof is your gutter extension.


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